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If you are interested in festivals and media events, you probably have always wanted an entrance ticket and a spot in the VIP zone. But how would you like a membership card from the organizing team?  How would it feel to see from the inside how an international event is built? We can tell you from our experience that those days are the most beautiful ones of the year! From the experiences of those people who were with us for the last 15 years, we can assure that you will learn profession in only a couple of weeks. But you don’t have to take us for granted. Check it personally! Send a CV and an intention letter to and ensure yourself a spot on the team of the most awesome media festival from Romania. Choose one from the categories below, considering what could you do best.


You work on the command center of the festival. You receive, coordinate, edit and prioritize correspondence with guests, partners, sponsors and participants at the event.


You are on the team which assures the relation with the festival’s partners: TV, radios, newspapers, specialized sites, media producing companies.


You work at the SIMFEST press center, which produces and broadcasts news 24/7, press materials and communicated forms of the festival. You write, take interviews and make the chronical for each day of the festival. You have unlimited access to every zone and you are permanently next to the most awesome guests.


You join the team of montage editors, graphics, filming, playout operators, sound technicians and IT.


You are responsible for the accommodation of the participants, transport and catering.


You assure the management of the spaces where the projections take place, workshops and the presentations of the festival.


You accompany the participants and the guests from abroad and assure the translation of the events to which they attend.


You learn how to organize public events and you also participate.

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